- To enforce your guarantee for physical damage to the product, you must record a video when you open your package and report it the same day you received it to the customer service number , that number is on your invoice or receipt (9780 -0059) .

- If you receive the damaged item(s), your purchase will be fully covered, you must re-send the damaged item(s) together with the invoice and packaging as you received them.

- If your product has a technical fault, you must report it within the first 3-5 days of receiving your order, otherwise it is not valid, this guarantee does not cover damage caused by blows, bad connections or improper handling by unauthorized personnel, nor You must break or remove the guarantee seals.

- In the case of a guarantee, you must contact us directly at the number provided on your invoice or receipt (9780-0059), the customer service staff will ask you to carry out the pertinent tests and will be in charge of formally managing your claim.

- You must keep the packaging or box where the product comes in good condition during the warranty period to facilitate the change of the product.

- The guarantee does not cover consumables or damage caused by misuse of the product.

restrictions apply